Welcome to the website of the State Aid Monitoring Office

The State Aid Monitoring Office (SAMO) is responsible for a competition-minded State aid control (except for agricultural, fishery, forestry and rural development cases) functions within the Prime Minister's Office.

The State Aid Monitoring Office has the task to ensure that State aid in Hungary is granted in accordance with the State aid rules of the Union. The legal background for implementing State aid control is Government Decree 37/2011. (III. 22.) on procedures relating to State aid measures under Article 107(1) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU) and the regional aid map. The Government Decree contains procedural rules relating to prior notification, sets out the rules for cumulation of aid coming from different sources, defines the Hungarian regional aid map and prescribes the obligatory elements of the aid measures.

The procedural rules oblige all aid grantors to notify their aid plans a priori to SAMO, which is responsible for assessing the compatibility of each aid proposal with relevant EU laws and regulations. SAMO gives guidance and assistance to the aid grantor bodies when they prepare the rules of their aid plan and the notification. The procedure followed by SAMO depends on the characteristics of the notified aid plan. In its preliminary opinion SAMO can recommend modification of the given measure to make it compatible with the EU rules. Indeed, SAMO is allowed/ is empowered to demand additional information in order to obtain a more detailed picture of the planned measure. Aid grantors should co-operate with SAMO at the preparatory stage of their notifications. In cases where the approval of the Commission is necessary, if SAMO finds that the rules of an aid measure do not comply with the EU rules, the notification cannot be submitted to the Commission unless the Government definitely instructs SAMO to send it to the Commission. SAMO will keep the aid grantor informed of any additional questions and decisions of the Commission concerning the notified aid plan. SAMO is also responsible for the subschemes (calls for applications) control.

Apart from the notification, SAMO has other duties, like compiling the annual report on aid. SAMO also formulates the Hungarian position in connection with ’appropriate measures’ proposed by the Commission for the amendment of existing aid schemes, to play a leading role in formulating the national position in the new Community State aid legislation. SAMO also has to keep the aid grantor informed about the recovery or suspension of any aid scheme or individual aid assessed by Commission. Not only that/furthermore, SAMO also monitors whether all necessary steps have been taken to execute the decision on recovery or suspension. SAMO regularly publishes discussion of the State aid issues, in the State Aid Law Journal which provides information on Community State aid legislation and related changes, on Commission and Court of the European Union decisions and on the assessment of national practices.

SAMO represents a privileged link with the European Commission and aid grantors, and helps in locating the proper tools for realizing/helps to realize the national objectives, in a way which is compatible with current EU State aid laws and regulations.